The Agenda is a partnership of livestock sector stakeholders committed to the sustainable development of the sector.

With global population projected to reach 9.6 billion in 2050, the livestock sector’s role in providing high value food will continue to increase.

Livestock are critical to building sustainability. Sustainability is a process of continuous practice change that addresses social, economic and environmental objectives simultaneously.

To be sustainable, livestock sector growth needs to support the livelihoods of an estimated 1 billion people, contribute to enhancing economic and social well-being, protect public health through balanced diets and the reduction of health threats from livestock, and sustain natural resources.

The Agenda catalyses continuous improvement in three major areas: Food security and global health; Equity and growth; and Resources and climate.

The partnership unites the forces of the public and private sectors, producers, research and academic institutions, NGOs, social movements and community-based organizations, and foundations.

The partnership enhances the shared understanding of sustainability and the underlying development issues and builds consensus on the path towards sustainable food security through dialogue, consultation, and joint analyses.

Consensus forms the basis for stakeholder commitment to innovation and on-the-ground investment in livestock sector practice change.


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