Register for 7th Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Meeting

Achieving multiple benefits through livestock-based solutions

08-12 May 2017, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Global Agenda partners, stakeholders and observers are welcome to register for the 2017 Ethiopia MSP meeting at Hilton Hotel Addis Ababa. Click on the following link to have access to meeting registration, hotel booking, concept note, program, visa assistance and more. As soon as you register you will be contacted by our event manager to offer the necessary support. [join us]

Livestock Plays a Key Role in Mongolia’s Food Security

First Asian government joins the Global Agenda

The Government of Mongolia recently signed the Consensus Document, which marks the first official recognition by an Asian government. As Eran Raizeman of the FAO Animal Health Branch noted, livestock is critical for Mongolia’s food security. The sector there is of substantial size and faces a number of challenges. Therefore, the country is looking forward to exchange with other Global Agenda members on building up the strength of the livestock sector in Mongolia [read more]

French Federation of Livestock Producers Joins Global Agenda

Move stands to inspire other breeders to join political dialogue

France’s Confédération Nationale de l’Elevage (CNE)  became the first producer federation to formalize relations as both a member and a donor to the Global Agenda at an event on 27 February at the Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris.

The event was attended by representatives of the French Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs, several agricultural organizations, scientists, and media from the agricultural and general press [read more]

Donkey Sanctuary Joins Global Agenda

Working animals critical to livelihoods of millions worldwide

The Donkey Sanctuary CEO John Baker signed the Global Agenda Consensus Document on 8 March during a meeting with Global Agenda Chair Fritz Schneider and FAO AGA authorities at FAO headquarters in Rome. While livestock policy often focuses mainly on food production, The Donkey Sanctuary highlights the critical role of working animals as a source of livelihood [read more]

National Agricultural Technology Institute of Argentina Joins Global Agenda

Move formalizes recognition of Global Agenda in major livestock country

National Agricultural Technology Institute of Argentina (INTA) President Amadeo Nicora signed the Global Agenda Consensus Document on  9 March. INTA operates under the umbrella of Argentina’s Ministry of Agro-Industry, and has requested the country’s formal recognition of the adhesion to the Global Agenda [read more]

CATIE Consolidates Engagement with Global Agenda and FAO

Collaboration opportunities identified will leverage research and education in promising new projects

During a visit to FAO headquarters in Rome on 14 March, Muhammad Ibrahim, Director General of the Costa Rica based Tropical Agronomic Center for Research and Education (CATIE) and FAO officials identified several opportunities for renewed collaboration. Immediate opportunities identified included the translation of a CATIE course on the economic and social valorization of high mountain ecosystems [read more]

Multiple Social Benefits of Livestock Based Solutions at the Center of Next MSP

Guiding Group approves Global MSP programme

Livestock-based solutions can have numerous social benefits, contributing immensely to the efforts of the agriculture sector to provide sustainable development inroads. The upcoming MSP will showcase tools and practical examples on how sustainable livestock initiatives around the world contribute with the SDG framework set by the UN 2030 Agenda. As part of the main programme, field learning tours and an African livestock policy forum will aim to enhance participants' understanding of the realities in the region  [read more]

Minister of Mongolia receives briefing on Global Agenda and PPR Programme

15 February  2017, Rome, Italy

The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, H.E. Sergelen Purev, visited Rome FAO Headquarters this Wednesday 15 February to meet with FAO ADG Ren Wang, FAO Director of Production and Animal Health Berhe Tekola, FAO AGAL Chief Henning Steinfeld, FAO AGAH Chief Juan Lubroth, FAO AGAP Chief Badi Besbes, and members of the Global Agenda Secretariat Eduardo Arce Diaz and the PPR Global Eradication Programme Secretariat Bouna Diop, Jean-Jacques Soulá and Felix  Njeumi... [read more]

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