GASL Action Network Dairy Asia calls for entries: The Dairy Asia Sustainability Award

The Dairy Asia Sustainability Award intents to recognize success stories of practice change from Asia and the Pacific region that make dairy systems more sustainable, both on- and off- farm. This is an excellent opportunity to give visibility to great success stories of practice change and to inform and inspire others. [Read more]

Sustainable and enduring livestock production systems and interfaces between animal and human health, agriculture and environment are central to our new partner Anthra

ANTHRA, a member of the Life Network, joined the Global Agenda during our Addis Ababa MSP meeting. It was founded in 1992 by a team of women veterinarians to reach out, connect, and address the problems faced by communities who reared animals, particularly small farmers and peasants, pastoralists, adivasis, dalits, women and others who remained hidden from the gaze of mainstream development. [Read more]

Dairy Initiative that Promotes a Holistic Approach to Sustainability Became a New Partner of the Global Agenda in Addis Ababa

Combining strengths, sharing resources, providing guidance and aligning efforts to achieve better outcomes are the guiding principles of the Global Dairy Agenda for Action (GDAA). The initiative has now developed a framework to provide overarching goals and alignment of the sector’s actions globally on the path to sustainability. The Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF) is a global, pre-competitive and collaborative project, involving dairy stakeholders from around the globe. The DSF provides the umbrella mechanism for organizations from throughout the dairy value chain to map and connect their sustainability activities (under eleven Global Criteria) with other similar organizations in a coordinated way.

The DSF enables the GDAA to take a holistic approach to sustainability through a common language, alignment of international sustainability activity and through this generate a common sustainability commitment that can be expressed at a global level, but also regional, national and organizational levels. [DSF web site]

Kyeema Foundation (KYEEMA) Joins Efforts with the Global Agenda to Improve the Livelihoods of Rural Families Worldwide

Another livestock stakeholder that became partner of the Global Agenda in Addis Ababa is the Kyeema Foundation (KYEEMA). This initiative supports local solutions to empower lives primarily through improving village poultry production in poor rural communities. KYEEMA’s own International Rural Poultry Centre (IRPC) promotes cost-efficient and sustainable improvements to village poultry production to improve the livelihoods of rural families worldwide. Poultry are one of the few natural capital assets owned by many households, especially those who live on or below the poverty line. By promoting people first and respecting local knowledge, KYEEMA’s activities create sustainable food sources and raise families out of poverty. A recent Australian government impact study showed that for the Newcastle disease control activities in village chickens, for every $1 invested there was a $60 return to the communities KYEEMA works with. [KYEEMA web site]


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