The Agenda aims to catalyze and guide the sustainable development of the livestock sector through simultaneous continuous improvement in three main areas: Global food security and health; Equity and growth; and Resources and climate.

To this end, agenda partners:

Facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue at international and local level

  • Stimulate multi-stakeholder interaction and sharing of knowledge;
  • Build consensus on priority issues and actions.

Implement and support joint analyses and assessments

  • Conduct analyses to enhance joint understanding on livestock sector sustainability;
  • Develop harmonized metrics and methodologies;
  • Identify entry points for sector improvement.

Identify and provide tools and guidance

  • Provide strategic sector guidance;
  • Inform inter-governmental and other partnership processes;
  • Work towards policy and operational coherence;

Promote and support innovation and local practice change

  • Catalyze innovation and investment in sustainable sector development