The partnership has a collaboration structure formed by seven cluster groups (governments, civil society, organizations, private sector, donors, research/academia, NGOs, inter-governmental and multi-lateral organizations).

A Guiding Group composed of five representatives of each cluster is responsible to providing overall strategic direction and guidance to the Agenda, to coordinate, monitor and review the activities and to promote the Agenda. Decisions are made by consensus.

Cluster groups

  1. Public Sector – representatives from governments
  2. Private Sector – representatives from private sector organizations
  3. Academia/research – representatives from research organization and universities
  4. Donors – representatives from monetary contributors to the Agenda’s Trust Fund
  5. NGOs – representatives from interest groups such as animals welfare and environmental or livelihood non-governmental organizations
  6. Social movements and community based organizations – representatives of pastoralists, indigenous people, agricultural workers, small farmers and peasants.
  7. Inter governmental and multi-lateral institutions – institutions that have a mandate in livestock sector development.