The Agenda’s operational modalities reflect its multi-stakeholder and consensual nature.

It consists of the following components:

  • An open Multi-Stakeholder Platform (MSP) to consult and build consensus on priority issues and actions.
    Composition: representatives of all relevant sector stakeholder groups which have signed the Agenda Consensus. Stakeholders who have not signed the Agenda Consensus can participate as observers only. 
  • A Guiding Group to provide overall strategic direction and guidance to the Agenda, to coordinate, monitor and review Agenda activities and to promote the Agenda. Decisions are made by consensus.
    Composition:  up to five representative from 6 constituency clusters (Public sector, private sector, Academia/research, donors, NGO, social movements and community based-organizations), Focus Area Chairs, and Chairs of Agenda-supported regional, national or local MSPs.

The Guiding group has an Executive Committee (6 members) responsible for the implementation of its decisions and advice.

  • Focus Area Groups to develop and implement thematic work program (currently three)
    Composition: Stakeholders who have signed the Agenda Consensus can participate in Focus Area Groups.
  • An Agenda Support Team (AST) to provide secretariat and support the building and implementation of the Agenda (currently hosted at FAO).

This new set up (with a wider guiding group, an executive committee and constituency clusters) was approved in November 2014. A new Guiding group will be constituted in the coming months with a view to be operational during the first half of 2015.