Why the Agenda

The Agenda answers the need for concerted and collective action to address the sector’s unprecedented challenges.

The sector needs to respond to a growing demand for meat, eggs and milk driven by a growing world population, but also by increasing affluence and urbanization. Demand for livestock products is projected to grow by 70 percent by 2050. The world population is projected to have reached 9.6 billion by then.

Sector growth needs to be reconciled with the increasing scarcity of natural resources. The sector is a large user of land, water and nutrients. It also needs to reduce its impact on climate change.

At the same time, growth should ensure be inclusive of the estimated one billion people who derive at least part of their livelihood from livestock. No other sector is more important to the lives and livelihoods of the poor than livestock. Livestock are often the last resort for people that lack other assets and forms of income.

Sector growth should not put global health at risk. Livestock are an important element in disease emergence and transmission. An estimated seventy percent of all new diseases have their origin in animals.

Recognizing that the complexity and global nature of the challenges facing the sector can be addressed through joint action, stakeholders have formed the Agenda partnership to support the sector’s sustainable development.