Asian Business Forum recommends better waste management

Complete overview in the “Outcome Statement And Recommendations”.

The 2nd Responsible Business Forum on Food and Agriculture held in Vietnam on 23-24 June, aimed to help shape a more sustainable future for food and agriculture in ASEAN. Working groups produced actionable recommendations for increasing the supply of sustainably-produced tea, rice, coffee, aquaculture, dairy and maize.
Matthew Fielding of SEI Asia, the LMMC Regional Centre in Asia sat on the expert panel of the dairy working group. They discussed practical actions for increasing global supply of sustainably produced dairy in ways that enhance public-private partnerships, increase agricultural productivity while improving farmer livelihoods and reducing environmental impacts. Three of the six outcomes and recommendations strongly relate to improving manure management:

  1. Ensure a balance of nutrient inputs and outputs through sustainable technological solutions to farm waste to create a sustainable ecosystem.
  2. Examine the costs and benefits of using manure as a resource. Specifically exploring options for biogas, compost production and use of wastewater for crop irrigation.
  3. Do more to promote best practice and knowledge-sharing among farmers through extension services.