First Extension Networking Meeting shows progress


Malawian extension workers from government and NGOs gather for their first networking meeting. Earlier this year these extension workers also participated in the trainings on manure management as part of the Malawian Opportunity for Practice Change. The last deliverable of the OPC was to set-up a national extension network to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences. The objective of this first meeting with 17 extension workers at Mpherembe Extension Planning Area (EPA) in Mzimba district was to get feedback on the implementation of livestock and manure management activities and share experiences from different sites. Although the extension workers face many difficulties while performing their work, like poor mobility, many of the planned activities have already been finalized or are still ongoing. For example one completed activity aimed at improving manure collection from overnight kraals. Two trainings were planned and conducted to encourage farmers in the area to improve their kraals for sheep and goats (shoats) by raising the floor. Of the 77 participating farmers, 34 already renovated their kraal and are now able to easily collect the dung of their shoats. Progress is also reported on the composting of manure and the compost application to the soil.

Similar networking meetings are conducted in other EPAs.