Head-on and hands-on capacity building

First day with indoors training
Second day hands-on building a compost pit with bio-slurry

As an extended component of the National Biogas Programme of the Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy in June 52 local government extension workers were trained on integrated manure management. The two-day training was conducted in two places using translated training materials into the local language (Amharic). The trainers also used simple illustrations to get their messages across to the trainees. The theoretical part emphasised on proper collection, treatment, storage and application of manure. Since all trainees were familiar with biogas plants the practical component had emphasis on the composting and application of bio-slurry.

The training is part of the Opportunity for Practice Change (OPC) which is currently implemented in Ethiopia. This OPC focuses on stimulating policy change for reduction of SLCPs by engaging farmers and local stakeholders in proper management and maintenance of bio-digesters and slurry from livestock manure.