How to construct a fixed-dome bio-digester

Happy faces after receiving the course certificate.


This was the main topic of a training course for technicians under the umbrella of the capacity building Opportunity for Practice Change in Malawi. Between 29th June and 16th July 19 Malawian technicians received extensive training in the actual constructing a fixed-dome anaerobic digester. The trainees, using a shortened version of the training manual from the National Biogas Program of Ethiopia, learned how to determine the plant size, design the lay-out, dig the pits, construct the digester including the inlet and outlet chambers, and lay the pipelines. The course ended with digester maintenance and trouble shouting while visiting an already functioning biogas plant. In addition to the digester construction, the trainees also learned about the importance of composting the bio-slurry for crop fertilization, an essential and final stage of integrated manure management.