Indonesian manure management kick-off

Cow shed in the middle of the village.


Milk processor Frisian Flag Indonesia and dairy cooperative KPSBU in Lembang, Java, kick off a project to improve current manure management practices. Dairy farmers in Lembang hardly have land. Most farms, with on average 4 to 5 cows, are situated in the middle of the village. Without land to apply manure, the farmers struggle with their manure management. As a result, many dairy farmers discharge their manure into the river, polluting the water and leading to complaining neighbours. The farmers feel the social pressure but lack the knowledge on how to improve their management. “We want to do better, but don‘t know how”, said one of the farmers. But also the milk processor and the cooperative feel a social responsibility towards their suppliers and members, and towards the village community. There are some examples of profitable utilisation of manure in the Lembang area, e.g. a businessman who buys, treats and sells manure. The Manure Management Improvement Project will investigate these examples to find the best feasible strategy for and with the farmers to improve their manure management in a way that they can make a more sustainable business. Results are expected in March 2016. The project is a direct spin-off of the Livestock and Manure Management project.