Manure on the agenda of 2015 Africa Agri Forum

Ndambi addressing the audience.

[Côte d'Ivoire]

During the 2015 Africa Agri Forum LMMC Africa representative Asaah Ndambi surprises the audience with a passionate speech on manure management. His key message was: livestock manure is a valuable resource for food, feed and energy. He also stressed the importance of training extension workers and supporting policy makers on the subject of proper manure management. To be successful in those activities Ndambi emphasized always to involve local partners. This last message was confirmed by Ethiopian Tesfaye Alemayehu and Malawian Banda McLoyd based on their personal experiences in Opportunities for Practice Change in Ethiopia and Malawi respectively.

The 2015 Africa Agri Forum took place in Côte d'Ivoire’s capital city Abidjan from 26-27 November. The Forum focussed on a number of key areas such as innovative financing schemes, new technology and profitable models of inclusive agriculture. The two-day-long Francophone event was attended by a wide range of guests, including government ministers and representatives of NGOs, farmers, investors, manufacturers and purveyors of agricultural equipment and services, and representatives of financial institutions.