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Informing policy and practice change to promote integrated manure management (IMM) in Argentinean feedlots

Location: Argentina

Period: 2015

Impact area: Policy Development & Capacity Building


The geographic clustering of beef production and the rapid growth of the Argentinian feedlot industry requires urgent adjustment of policy and practice frameworks. The current political pressure to address the potential environmental and climate concerns of these production systems, academic interest in the sector, and the industries wish to optimize the economic returns from its investment in manure management systems, provide an excellent opportunity to inform policy and practice change to promote IMM in Argentinian feedlots.


  1. Stakeholder dialogue process to build an IMM network in the Argentinian feedlot industry;
  2. Implementation of a detailed inventory of available IMM practices of relevance to the Argentinian feedlot industry, building on the LMM scoping exercise;
  3. Participatory assessment of the environmental, social and economic potential of relevant IMM practices for the Argentinian feedlot industry;
  4. Consensus building on good practice IMM guidelines among broad stakeholder for implementation in the Argentinian feedlot industry.


  • National University of the Centre of Buenos Aires Province (UNICEN) Faculty of Veterinary Sciences;
  • University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Faculty of Agriculture & National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET)
  • Argentinian Feedlot Chamber, Environmental Department;
  • Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE).
    Contact: Cristobal Villanueva ([email protected])

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