waste to worth

Enhancing Central American Integration System (SICA) regional policy frameworks to exploit the full value of manure

Location: Central America

Period: 2015

Impact area: Policy Development


The currently proposed revision of the SICA regional strategy which guides agro-environment and health issues, provides an opportunity to include integrated manure management (IMM). The revised strategy will equally provide an additional basis for building regional partnerships and capacity around IMM, and to inform related national policy making.


  1. Establishment of an IMM task force among the thematic groups of SICA;
  2. Stakeholder meetings and consultations;
  3. Identification and design of IMM policy amendments and/or policy instruments;
  4. Discussions of recommendations with SICA/CAC for inclusion within relevant policy guidance and strategies;
  5. Drafting of IMM policy & practice relevant recommendations to SICA/CAC;
  6. Facilitation of regional policy guidance by SICA/CAC to its member countries.


Partners: SICA/CAC IMM task force

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