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Stimulating policy change for reduction of SLCPs by engaging farmers and local stakeholders in proper management and maintenance of bio-digesters and slurry from livestock manure

Location: Ethiopia

Period: 2015

Impact area: Policy Development and Knowledge exchange, Awareness creation and Capacity building


The Ministry of Water and Energy and of Agriculture develop a coherent manure policy including training elements of bio-digester maintenance and integrated manure management leading to proper manure application.
The OPC is additional to current programs of the Ethiopian government.


  1. Meetings with policy workers from three ministries (agriculture, energy and health);
  2. Field trips to show practical problems and advantages of manure application for crops;
  3. Trainings for extension workers and biogas technicians.


  • Ethiopian Ministry of Water and Energy (National Biogas Program)
    Contact Regional Centre: Asaah Ndambi ([email protected])

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