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Improving management of manure and bio-slurry from household biogas plants through training of extension workers and “lead farmers”

Location: Malawi

Period: 2015

Impact area: Knowledge exchange, Awareness creation and Capacity building


Additional to the Crop-Livestock Integrated Project (CLIP) provide training for extension workers and lead farmers on the sustainable use of biodigesters, better use of biogas surpluses, and on improving management of manure/bio-slurry to reduce SLCP emissions and enhance the value of the manure/bio-slurry as a fertilizer. Also provide training for the workers that install the digesters on improved methods of handling the slurry from the biogas plants.


  1. Training of government extension workers, NGO technical staff and “lead farmers” in identifying appropriate biogas designs, maintaining the units and managing the slurry;
  2. Organizing specialized training and network meetings of extension officers.

Implementer: The CLIP program staff

Contact Regional Centre: Asaah Ndambi ([email protected])

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