Animal Welfare

The GASL’s animal welfare action network aims to show how improved livestock care and welfare can contribute to delivery of the SDGs.

It will bring stakeholders across the sector together to:

  • Understand and demonstrate animal welfare's role in delivering the SDGs 
  • Increase adoption of good practices and improve animal welfare conditions on farm that support the delivery of the SDGs in line with the Global Agenda’s identified priorities
  • Increase the profile of animal welfare in sustainable livestock
  • Reflect and enhance the reputation of livestock production by demonstrating its work to achieve good animal welfare in practice

In its first year (2017-18), we will build the network’s membership and scope out the extent of existing efforts to link animal welfare and SDG goals, building together compelling evidence and case studies from existing projects. We are currently seeking new case studies, see here for more information and how to be involved.

Looking beyond the first year, the network will aim to develop pilot projects focused on SDG-specific evidence, and communicating these with a view to inspiring further implementation.

Please come and be part of this ground-breaking initiative. We welcome new members - it is a great place to share and learn about sustainable models, tools and solutions, and for your organization to gain visibility for its work in an international platform, showcasing your own projects. With stakeholders from across the farming and food industries, NGOs, international organizations and academics, together we can synergize action and develop a sustainable future for livestock.


Rebecca Doyle

University of Melbourne