Animal Welfare

Sheep on pasture - ILRI/Stevie Mann

Animal welfare is vital to the production system, from farm to consumer, regardless of industry scale, farm size or species. By demonstrating the roles animal welfare play in sustainable development, we aim show how animal welfare impacts people’s livelihoods worldwide.

GASL’s Animal Welfare Action Network (AWAN) aims to demonstrate that improved animal care and welfare contributes to delivery of the SDGs.

The network consists of stakeholders from farming and food industries, NGOs, international organizations and research, so it acts as a multi-stakeholder development and communication platform. This also means AWAN provides information and practical insight on the role of animal welfare in sustainable development, and best practice welfare can be implemented in production and non-production systems with quantified results.

The Action Network facilitates knowledge exchange, promote and develop best practices, and share practical examples and evidence of how animal welfare contributes to sustainable animal management and production.

By demonstrating the role of animal welfare in sustainable development we aim show how it has impact and relevance to people’s livelihoods in a global context, and promote solutions that take both animal welfare and livelihoods into account.

Some of our current and planned activities include

  • Writing communication pieces around animal welfare's role in delivering the SDGs
  • Increasing the profile of animal welfare in sustainable livestock production, from practice to policy
  • Demonstrating and increasing the adoption of good practices and improving animal welfare on farm, in livestock systems and across the supply chain

Please get in touch through [email protected] if you’d like to learn more. We welcome new members too.

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