Closing the efficiency gap

Supporting the application of existing technologies and agricultural practices

Restoring value to grasslands

Pursuing better management of grazing land

Waste to worth

Aiming at recovering and recycling nutrients and energy contained in animal manure livestock

Global Network on Silvo-Pastoral Systems

An internationally recognized platform that facilitate the exchange of knowledge, best practices and experiences related...

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Dairy Asia Partnership for Health and Prosperity

Dairy Asia is a multi-stakeholder partnership of willing partners committed to visioning and building a sustainable...

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Associate - Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance Partnership (LEAP)

A multi-stakeholder partnership working to promote an exchange of data and information, technical expertise and research...

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The Global Agenda builds knowledge through thematic and regional networks:

Action Networks – experts from the membership lead the implementation of activities, develop outputs and draft reports, to provide evidence and information exchange.

Key activities

  • Conduct specific analysis and reviews
  • Develop guidelines for good practices
  • Support implementation of good practices
  • Document and communicate specific experiences and recommendations