Livestock for Social Development

The objective of this Action Network is to raise awareness of the importance of livestock for social development and to show there is an information gap when trying to show social impact of the livestock sector. Two main outcomes are planned:

1. Gathering of robust evidence (series of prospective papers of the global importance of livestock for social development)

2. Develop methodologies, tools and guidelines to measure social impact of livestock

The actions will start with the dairy sector because it has worldwide presence across many layers of the society. The initial focus will be on dairy to start with and motivate other livestock groups to present their proposals. In this context there are two main outcomes planned: Systematic and robust evidence of the role of dairy sector for social development, and tools and guidelines to assist stakeholders in assessing the contribution of the dairy sector to social development.

A working group will be created to work on the action plan of the AN with the main aim of defining which areas to cover in the social evaluation.