Restoring Value to Grasslands

The Action Network Restoring Value to Grasslands focuses on maintaining, restoring and enhancing the environmental and economic values of grasslands. The group promotes social and cultural functions globally and builds partnerships to raise the visibility of grasslands.

This Action Network supports the analysis based on existing studies encouraging innovation from local to global scale. 

Grassland studies on restoring value to grasslands and the multifunctionality of grasslands framework

The Multifunctionality of intact grazing systems has different values, including social and local development as well as production and ecosystem services. In order to assess the contribution of grassland systems to these multiple functions and values in relation to the SDGs and to determine the contribution of livestock to them, an integrated methodological framework has been designed. The model is tested using case studies from around the world. Such grassland studies are finalized in the database CASES on the GASL website. It is a standardized document, which shares information on lessons learnt on sustainable grassland management. The database contains over 38 case studies on restoring value to grasslands.

If you are interested in contributing to this database and to be a partner with your field case, please contact one of the following addresses:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]