Waste to worth

From Waste to Worth action network works on improving the efficiency of livestock supply chains. The work of the group is to optimize the use of available biomass for animal production and reduce losses across the supply chain.  

The role of Waste to worth is to support policy and investment decisions that result from evidence-based decision-making analyses. The decisions made aim at supporting policy framework development for adoption of improved practices.

This action network builds partnership to leverage co-funding initiatives and for raising the livestock‚Äôs role. The group supports the use of knowledge for the identification of strategic projects and programmes. From Waste to Worth action network learns from local practice and encourages innovative solutions from the local to global scale. 

Manure Knowledge Kiosk

The activities of the Waste to Worth action network focus on the preparation of a global inventory on manure production and management, and the set-up of knowledge exchange, outreach and capacity building mechanisms as part of a Manure Knowledge Kiosk. Most activities are funded by the Agricultural Initiative of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC).