Knowledge integration Project (KIP)

Project Facts

Payment Mechanisms / Support

Cirad/INRA from France University of Buenos Aires Agresearch (NZ) INIA (national research organization) is on site, maintaining the support of the initial partners

Latin America

Plan Agropecuario Br. Artigas 3802, Montevideo, Uruguay Teléfono: (598 2) 203 4707 Fax: (598 2) 203 5992

Case overview/description

Main Challenges
Knowledge sharing
Starting point/ Challenges

Poor knowledge exchange between stakeholders

Purpose/ Objectives addressed, Results expected

Support development/extension agents comprehension of the farm family livestock production systems on Campos functioning and provide them with insight and tools to improve/update their work inform other stakeholders on actions needed platform to link with other organizations.

Type of Case
Capacity building
Agroecological zone
Humid (> 270 LGP)
Number of people
over 10000
Land ownership
Ownership comments

Few communal land

Livestock system
Mixed farming
Livestock Type
Comment livestock systems

All year open air grazing systems on natural pastures some cultivated pastures (10%) some supplementation (

Operating environment

Free market

Comment Operating Environment

Liberal capitalistic system open to national or foreigner investors state promotes the norms (mainly sanitary) that permit access to foreign markets 70% of production is exported by well-organized market chains.

Participants in the case/project

15 livestock farms as “case studies”

Methods / Approaches applied to reach objectives

Capacity building

Outcome/ Beneficiaries/ Issues

Knowledge Exchange

Knowledge exchange platform

Key Conflicts / Problems

Lack of comprehension Complexity of the vegetation Farm family objectives not always in line with good management

Lessons learnt

Prior Identification of common drivers about: farm evolution. Knowledge production and exchange would be helpful.


- overall project management and institutional strengthening