Community based pasture management in Kyrgysztan

Project Facts

Central Asia

Camp alatoo
Focal Point:
Ms Janyl Kojomuratova
36, Oshskaya St., Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 720035
Tel: 00996312540573
Fax: 00996312909703

Case overview/description

Main Challenges
Pasture degradation
Starting point/ Challenges

Desertification and degradation of pasture lands on all altitudes

Purpose/ Objectives addressed, Results expected

Increasing the PCs’ capacities
Raising awareness on strengthening the public control of PC
Elaboration of curricula on PM courses for vocational schools
Integrating secondary pasture users into pasture management plans

Type of Case
Capacity building
Agroecological zone
Arid (< 75 LGP)
Land area size (km2)
winter pastures: 2.06 Mio ha spring/autumn pastures: 2.95 Mio ha summer pastures: 4.23 Mio ha
Land ownership
Livestock system
Livestock Type
Comment livestock systems

three different types of pastures depending on the time of year:
winter: close to the villages,
autumn/spring: between winter and summer pastures
summer: high altitude and remote

Participants in the case/project

pasture communities

Methods / Approaches applied to reach objectives

Participatory sustainable pasture management:

  • formation of pasture commitees
  • development of pasture management plan
  • Activities on improvement of infrastructure and increase of winter fodder production
  • L4S module on Sustainable Pasture management

Outcome/ Beneficiaries/ Issues

Knowledge Exchange

participatory approach


- overall project management and institutional strengthening