Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
26-27 November, 2015

CODEGALAC will be analysing this week the challenges of the Livestock Sector in Mesoamerica to consolidate its contribution to economic growth, natural resource sustainable management and hunger and rural poverty eradication. Among the 90 participants will be the ministers of agriculture of 7 countries of the region and the President of Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, who will close the meeting on November 27th... [read more]

Bangkok, Thailand - July 2015
The Global Agenda has been supporting a process to develop “Dairy Asia: for prosperity and health”, a regional cross-country initiative being facilitated by FAO’s Regional Office in Bangkok.
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Milan, Italy - 25 June 2015
GASL Chair, Neil Fraser, made a presentation and took part in an interesting discussion at the event  “Sustainable livestock and climate smart agriculture: joint action for common challenges” which was co-organized by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture, FAO and the International Livestock Research Institute, and took place at the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2015 Milan, on 25 June 2015. [read more]

Lodi, Italy - 23-24 June 2015
As an indication of the linkages with one of the bodies related to GASL, Neil Fraser, GASL Chair, attended the annual meeting of the GRA Livestock Research Group, held in Lodi, Italy from 23-24 June 2015. The several Networks within the LRG are engaged in pursuing collaborative actions to use their research programmes to collaboratively seek practical approaches and actions to mitigate GHGs from livestock production . [read more]

Misiones, Argentina  - May 2015
During the 5th MSP meeting of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (in Cali, Colombia in October 2014) one of the proposed actions was to create the Global Network on Silvopastoral Systems (GNSPS). [read more]


The Manure Knowledge Kiosk

The Manure Knowledge Kiosk is a platform for knowledge exchange, outreach and capacity building on integrated manure management.

New GASL members

Interest continues to be shown in becoming a member of GASL. We periodically respond to queries and expressions of interest.  We are pleased to note here that recent new members are the governments of Rwanda, Dominican Republic and Ireland.


Guiding Group Meeting 

Geneva, Switzerland 16-17 September 2015

Outreach Event: Livestock in Sustainable Development

Geneva, Switzerland 17 September 2015

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