Workshop for the Focus area "Closing the Efficiency Gap"

Braunschweig, 18-19 April 2013

Exchange on data and methods for the analysis of livestock information systems

In the last multi-stakeholder platform meeting in Nairobi in January2013 it was agreed to holda meeting between the institutions managing data and information on production and farming systems on aglobal level. The main objective should beto exchange

  • a) information and their databases ́ content and
  • b) methodologies which can serve for scoping regions and production systems where future strategic guidelines could take place.

The meeting was organized and hosted by agri benchmark, von Thünen Institute of Farm Economics in Braunschweig.

The goals were

  1. to defineapreliminary list of variables for measuring efficiency, within the FA1 framework,
  2. to identify aset of livestock information systems (databases, models, tools) for scoping regions and production systems where potential interventions could take place,
  3.  to explore benchmarking methodologiesfor measuring livestock efficiency improvementsand
  4. todefine thepossible contributions of each institution to the FA1 in terms of information requirements and availability, models and tools used, and possible means of future regional intervention.