Workshop for the Focus Area “Closing the efficiency gap”

2- 4 April 2012, Rome, Italy

Growing demand for livestock products combined with dwindling natural resources is likely to increase market volatility and production costs in the long run. The livestock sector can address these challenges and, at the same time, deliver environmental benefits by improving resource use efficiency. Although the technological frontier continues to expand at the margin, the bulk of
producers often apply very inefficient practices.
In the focus area Closing the efficiency gap in natural resource use, we argue that using available technology to close the gap, between attainable and
actual efficiency rates, will bring larger environmental, economic and social gains than incremental advances at the technological frontier.

The objective of the workshop is to clarify the following:

  1. W hat is the efficiency gap?
    • a. How do we define natural resource use efficiency?
    • b. How do we measure natural resource use efficiency?
  2. W here are the efficiency gaps and how can they be closed?
    • a. Where are the largest efficiency gaps?
    • b. Where should we target actions and why?
    • c. What is required to narrow the gaps?
  3. Institutional goals
    • a. Who and what else do we need to get on board in this focus area?
    • b. How could the Global Agenda of Action be best positioned to add value to ongoing and past activities?