Workshop for the Focus Area “Restoring value to grasslands”

7-10 May, 2012, Brasilia, Brazil

This focus area proposes that appropriately managedgrasslands can provide large natural resource benefitsin the form of carbon sequestration, provision of waterservices, and biodiversity protection. These actionscan also assist with adaptation to climate change, raiseproductivity and enhance livelihoods.

During this workshop, a range of technicalinterventions, and policy and institutional options forfostering these improvements will be considered. Inparticular, the potential for carbon finance and otherforms of payment for environmental services (PES) topartially or completely finance grassland restorationinvestments, will be explored.

The objective of the workshop is to identifypractical steps to prepare an initial Action programme considering the needs & questionsoutlined below:

  • Identify & address key knowledge gaps:
    • Where is grassland degradation & associatedlosses of environmental assets & services mostacute?
    • Where, given various constraints, is restoringvalue to grasslands most feasible?
    • Which policy instruments are best suited to largescale grassland restoration?
  • What role can climate finance & other PES schemesplay in supporting large-scale grassland restoration?
  • How could the GAA be best positioned to add valueto ongoing & past activities?
  • Who else needs to get on board?
  • How can each stakeholder engage in an initialAction programme?