The COVID-19 pandemic is a global issue, with crucial short and long-term consequences, and the livestock sector must play its role in contributing to more sustainable, healthy future food systems. All livestock stakeholders have a role to play in articulating COVID's impacts on the sector and ensuring sustainable livestock fully contribute to building forward on all development aspects. With a multi-stakeholder approach, the meeting will identify COVID-19's impacts and strategize stakeholder responses worldwide to build forward a more sustainable future from the livestock sector. 

Global objectives

  • Facilitate a global discussion among GASL stakeholders and the wider development community to assess the diversity of opportunities and challenges derived from the COVID-19 pandemic across different regions of the world
  • Strategize how the livestock sector can respond towards more sustainable food systems, an enhanced One Health approach and stronger food security outcomes
  • Prepare inputs for the June 2021 GASL MSP Meeting in Delémont, Switzerland, and for the 2021 Food Systems Summit

Regional objectives

  • Present regional impacts of COVID-19 and assess drivers of change, consequences and stakeholder responses to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the four sustainability domains of food and nutrition security, livelihoods and economic growth, animal health and animal welfare and climate and resource use. 
  • Identify options in the short, medium and long run, on how the livestock sector is could improve its response through a sustainable livestock approach with solutions of multi-stakeholder nature.

GASL Regional Preparatory Meetings


31 August 2020
Meeting ended


North America 

2 September 2020
Meeting ended


GASL Global Meeting

14, 15, 17, 18 September 2020
14:00-16:30 Rome Time

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14 September, Global Opening
14:00– 14:30 Opening and Introduction
14:30– 15:30 Key notes and discussion
15:30– 16:00 Questions from the audience
16:00– 16:30 Summary of the day
16:30 Adjourn

15 September, Regional Summaries
14:00–14:15 Africa 1: English Speaking Africa
14:15– 14:30 Africa 2: French Speaking Africa
14:30–14:45 Eastern Europe and Central Asia
14:45–15:00 Latin America
15:00–15:15 Oceania
15:15–15:30 Europe
15:30–15:45 North America
15:45–16:00 Rest of Asia
16:00–16:15 Questions from the audience via chat
16:15–16:30 Summary of the day
16:30 Adjourn

17 September, Debate of GASL Chair Position Finalists
14:00– 14:30 Moderated debate – Segment 1
14:30– 15:00 Moderated debate – Segment 2
15:00– 15:30 Moderated debate – Segment 3
15:30– 16:00 Moderated debate – Segment 4
16:00– 16:30 Questions from the audience
16:30 Adjourn

18 September, Global closing
14:00– 14:30 Global Synthesis
14:30– 15:00 Action points for GASL stakeholders per region and globally
15:00– 15:30 Questions from the audience
15:30– 16:00 Conclusions and closing
16:00 Adjourn