Parallel Program Presentations

Parallel Program A: Innovations for Smallholders

Impacts of a Pay-It-Forward Livestock Transfer and Training Program in Rural Nepal
Sara Janzen, Kansas State University

Equal access to technology and innovation across livestock systems: boosting sustainable rural livelihoods and economic growth
Simplice Nouala, African Union Commission; Berhe Tekola and Francesca Distefano, FAO; Pierre Ferrari, Heifer International; Antonio Rota, IFAD

Connecting nomadic camel milk producers to supermarkets in Indian metros: lessons learned
Ilse Kohler-Rollefson, Camel Charisma

Innovation awareness raising campaign towards SDG2
Catherine Marguerat, Food Forever Initiative; Jeannette Beranger, The Livestock Conservancy

Parallel Program B: Livestock Research Methodology

Proper design and conducting of livestock and field research and demonstration
Mike Tokach, Kansas State University; Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University; Barry Bradford, Kansas State University

Livestock, human welfare, and sustainability: the challenge of harmonizing farmer interview data from 30+ countries and conducting coherent analyses
Jim Hammond, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)

Parallel Program C: Dairy

Contributions of dairy products to environmental impacts and nutritional supplies from United States agriculture -
Mary Beth Hall, Innovation Center for US Dairy

Determinants for Dairy Farmer Decision-Making on Manure Management Strategies
Juan Tricarico, Innovation Center for US Dairy

US Dairy Coordinated Agricultural Projects Overview and Projects
Matt Ruark, Innovation Center for US Dairy

Lifetime performance is key to sustainable diary production
Irmgard Immig, DSM

Parallel Program D: Tools and Frameworks

The long-term challenges for livestock sustainability. What policy and institutional innovations?
Ugo Pica-Ciamarra, FAO

CFRSL: Common Framework of Reference for Sustainable Livestock An Integrative Approach to Measuring Sustainability
Erika Andrea Angarita Amaya, Thuenen Institute and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

The Manure Challenge: An Expedited Pathway to Circular Farm Systems
Connie Bowen, The Yield Lab Institute

Supporting Innovations for Sustainable Livestock in Smallholder Livestock Systems: Perspectives from the NGO Cluster
Margherita Gomarasca, VSF International

Parallel Program E: GASL Action Networks

Closing Efficiency Gap
Ernesto Reyes, Agribenchmark

Livestock for Social Development
Ernesto Reyes, Agribenchmark

Livestock Antimicrobial Partnership (LAMP)
Ulf Magnusson, Swedish University of Agricultural Science

Livestock Environmental Assessment and Performance (LEAP)
Camillo De Camillis, FAO

Parallel Program F: Land Management and Biodiversity

New directions for silvopasture research at the center for agroforestry
Ashley Conway, Sarah Lovell, Michael Gold – University of Missouri

Sustainable rangeland management in sub-Saharan Africa Guidelines to good practice
Tobias Feldt, GIZ

Mongolia on the Move with Mongolian Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (MASL)
Ts. Munkhnasan, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry

Veterinarians and farmers pilot Natural Livestock Farming 5-layered strategy for improved cattle health, milk quality and biodiversity
Katrien van’t Hooft, Getachew Gebry, and Elizabeth Katushabe – NLF

Parallel Program G: Measuring Impact

Piloting a smallholder broiler production model for increased income and improved nutrition in Musanze, Rwanda
Tom Gill, University of Tennessee – Improving the consumption of livestock data
Gareth Salmon and Karen Smyth, Supporting Evidence-based Interventions (SEBI), The University of Edinburgh

Indicators for Land and Food Competition in Dairy Production: Development and Test of Two Methods
Beat Reidy, Bern University

Measuring to Manage
Brian Lindsay, Dairy Sustainability Framework

Parallel Program H: Private Sector Engagement

How can Agricultural Development Practitioners Stimulate Livestock Productivity by Engaging with the Private Sector?
Christopher Brett, World Bank Group

Improving collaboration between research and private sector to get sustainable livestock innovation into use
Shirley Tarawali and Tom Randolph – ILRI

Parallel Program I: Biosecurity and Traceability

Sustainability in Action-A real world approach to sustainable beef production
Deke Alkire, Noble Research Institute

Economics of Biosecurity Effort by U.S. Swine and Cattle Producers
Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University
Lee Schultz, Iowa State University

Parallel Program J: GASL Action Networks

Animal Welfare
Caroline Emond, International Dairy Federation

Animal Welfare
Valentina Riva, The Donkey Sanctuary

Restoring Value to Grasslands
Liz Wedderburn, AgResearch

Dairy Asia
Meenesh Shah, National Dairy Development; Tsetsgee Ser-Od, Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Light Industry

Global Network on Silvopastoral Systems
Julian Chara, CIPAV