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Technical Innovations for Female Entrepreneurs in the Livestock Value Chain in Rural Nepal
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The Wikitrop Collaborative Platform: Sharing and Dissemination of Tropical Pasture Weeds for Better Management of Grazing Land Degradation
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AgriClimateChangeTool (ACCT) Assessment of Energy –GHG at the farm scale (the case of grazing livestock system in French Amazonia)
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Natural regeneration of native trees for the implementation of silvopastoral system for beef cattle production in Brazil
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Learning from multifunctionality of livestock farming to foster sustainability : a case study in South Eastern France
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Energy consumption in commercial Midwest dairy barns
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Exploring the Public Value of Global Capacity Building in Agriculture –Nuffield International Farming Scholars Case Study
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Sustainability Implications of a Shift to Plant-Based Diets
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An Evaluation of in vitro Meat as an Emerging Commercialized Protein Source
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Showing vs. Telling: Integrating Interactive, Student-Led Training in Educational Programs for Farmers and Village Animal Health Workers in Cambodia
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Multi-dimensional conceptual model of rangeland systems
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The implications of African animal trypanosomiasis in the Livestock sectors in Nigeria
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Drones can be used to measure both dormant and growing season rangeland biomass
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Shave 'Em to Save 'Em - Improving Profitability in Rare Breed Sheep
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Productivity of lactating dairy cows fed diets with teff hay as the sole forage
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The Secure Milk Supply Plan for Continuity of Business in the event of an FMD Outbreak in the United States
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The United States National Dairy FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) Animal Care Program
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The impact of tie stall facilities on dairy cattle welfare and the broader United States dairy industry
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