Fifth Multi-stakeholder platform meeting

7-10 October 2014 - Cali, Colombia

The fifth  multi-stakeholder platform meeting delivered further developments in advancing the objectives of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock. The meeting was attended by 165 participants from 32 countries, representing all stakeholder constituencies.

Participants discussed the three facets of sustainability (Equity and Growth, Global Food Security and Health, and Resources and Climate), how to concurrently address them and where Agenda activities can best deliver value-added. Discussions will now feed into the development of a unifying and evidence-based vision on the role of livestock in sustainable development, as a base for the Agenda.

Focus Area group Chairs reported on the work of their groups and outlined ‘next steps’ - including several testing and piloting exercises, and also the exploration of an international meeting on grasslands, local development and livestock. Their work will also be realigned to incorporate all facets of sustainability.

Over the four days active dialogue provided many ideas for the Agenda to address, in particular the role of animal-sourced food in sustainable diets; policy visibility and integration; the role of markets and value chains; food safety; health services; food waste; One Health; initiation of a Silvo-pastoral Network; the possibility of an Investment-themed event in and for Africa; the role of the Agenda in getting stakeholders together on anti-microbial resistance; and the contribution of the Agenda to the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals. The Guiding Group will now  examine all the suggestions made.

The MSP also examined aspects of the Agenda set-up, in particular the strengthening of the Cluster Group approach and the creation of a Guiding Group executive committee.

During 4 parallel sessions, 24 presentations contributed to knowledge and experience sharing. A field trip to El Hatico a natural reserve and operational farm just outside Cali, provided an opportunity to see silvo-pastoral systems management in action.

The meeting was hosted jointly by FAO, the Colombian Ministries of Agriculture and rural development and the Environment and Sustainable Development, Centro para la investigación en sistemas sostenibles de producción agropecuaria (Fundación CIPAV), the Federación Colombiana de Ganaderos (FEDEGAN), the Colombian World Bank Office, and the Nature Conservancy.