Fourth Multi-stakeholder platform meeting

15-17 October 2013 - Ottawa, Canada

The fourth Multi-Stakeholder Platform meeting was another important step in strengthening the understanding of sustainability issues at the basis of the Agenda and identifying ways to effectively implement practice change.

Partners widely agreed that all facets of sustainability should be incorporated and integrated in the work of the Agenda, particularly of the Focus Areas. The inclusion of all key stakeholders contributes to a clear ‘voice’ for all facets.

Practice change was the meeting’s leitmotive. Four key elements of practice change were identified: knowledge and analyses, policy dialogue, tools and innovation, and continuous improvement. Partners stressed the primary role of producers in practice change.

The Agenda has a role to play in capacity building and awareness creation to encourage prac-tice change. It should also increase functional linkages among global, national and local levels (multi-directional) and support national level multi-stakeholder partnerships, twinning opportunities between country and the establishment of in-country livestock sector innovation platforms and networks. Various participants emphasized the value of shared goals and vision (including targets, indicators and actions).

The MSP also discussed new governance options, in particular the creation of constituency clusters, the widening of the Guiding Group and the creation of a small executive committee. Proposal for the new set up will be developed in the coming months. Participants agreed to change the partnership name to Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock.

The meeting endorsed the need for adjustments to the Agenda’s strategy and a renewed business and action plan which will also be developed over the coming months.

The meeting brought together more than one hundred Agenda partners from all stakeholder groups. It was organized by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Livestock Sector [1], and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.