Guiding Group Meeting

Geneva, Switzerland 16-17 September 2015

The Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (GASL), Guiding Group met for two days in Geneva, Switzerland, from 16 - 17 of September, 2015. This was the first meeting of the Guiding Group under the 'seven clusters' arrangement.  The installation of the new Guiding Group is a significant milestone in implementing the Cali governance agreement.

A central feature of the meeting was a fruitful discussion on the Action Plan 2016-2018, which provided guidance and a clear path of steps towards finalising this essential document.  The meeting also reinforced the importance, relevance and significance of the SDGs as a beacon for the orientations of the Global Agenda.

Other topics covered by the meeting included consideration of thematic issues for inclusion in the programme of the next Multistakeholder Platform meeting (MSP) of the Global Agenda; guidance on a process for development of Rules of Procedure for GASL; and linkages with other related global initiatives.

A report, or minute, of the Guiding Group meeting will be prepared and will be uploaded to this web page in due course. 



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