Guiding Group Meeting

Rome, Italy, 30 September 2016

Twenty nine participants gathered for the first   Guiding Group meeting of the Global Agenda at FAO Headquarters on 30 September since Mr. Fritz Schneider took office as Chair on August 15th.

The new Chair reported on the  hand over process from the former Chair, Neil Fraser and the several face to face meetings with the Agenda Support Team in Rome respectively on 12-14 July, 06-09 and 27- 30 September and the 17-21 October interaction during CFS week, in addition to regular contacts by phone, skype and emails.

Additionally, the linking of the SDGs with the Global Agenda has been a big success and therefore post Panama activities have been abundant, especially regarding fundraising where progress has been achieved, with still a long way to go.

Important work has been done on the preparation of the successful COAG side event, the joined GASL-LEAP side event for CFS, cluster development, the first draft of the criteria for new action networks, the 2017 Ethiopia MSP meeting for which there is now an official invitation and finally some communication issues.

The major challenges ahead are to secure adequate funding for the Global Agenda core tasks and Action Networks, create and fuel additional action networks, develop clusters to link and align them with Action Networks, strengthen the Global Agenda links with other agendas and alliances, and develop internal and external communications to serve the cluster and action networks with IT-tools.

The Guiding Group Members offered important feedback and guidance on the 13 agenda points discussed during the gathering.

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