International Congress on Silvopastoral Systems

Asunción, Paraguay, 26-27 September 2019

The 10th International Congress on Silvopastoral systems was held in Asuncion, Paraguay from 24 to 26 of September. The theme of the congress was “Silvopastoral system for sustainable production”. Over 50 presentations from delegates representing 13 countries were made through a series of plenary sections. The congress was attended by a total of 333 delegates, including 116 international participants. Among the delegates, it is worth mentioning the participation of eight farmers from Australia who belong to the Leucaena Network of that country and four farmers from the Mexican Network of Intensive Silvopastoral Systems. The congress was complemented with one field trip to El Chaco, a region of great productive and ecological potential shared by Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, and to the east of Paraguay to visit silvopastoral models promoted in that region. The Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock was presented in the first plenary session with a talk prepared by Fritz Schneider and presented by Rogerio M. Mauricio ( from the GASL Action Network Restoring Value to Grasslands). GASL was also represented by the Global Network on Silvopastoral Systems (Julian Chara) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Paraguay, which is a Public Sector Cluster member of GASL. The plenary, oral and poster presentations (99 short and extended abstracts) are featured in the PROCEEDINGS and are organized by topics. Thanks to the dedication of the National Forestry Institute of Paraguay (INFONA), the National University of Asunción, INTA from Argentina and CIPAV from Colombia, the event was a success.