SLU Global and Global Agenda Facilitate Discussion for a Livestock Anti-Microbial Partnership

Proposal to be presented at the MSP in Addis Ababa in May

On 20-22 March, the Global Agenda and SLU Global at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences hosted a working meeting in Uppsala, Sweden on scoping the role for the Global Agenda to contribute to the reduction of Antimicrobial Resistance under the theme “Refine, Reduce, Re-think.”

There were some 20 participants from the different clusters of the Global Agenda coming from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.  The discussions were very vivid and constructive on where and how a multi-stakeholder partnership like ours could address the antimicrobial issue in a way complementary to the many ongoing initiatives in the area.

It was concluded that the Global Agenda has a role as a multi-stakeholder partnership addressing antimicrobial resistance by supporting healthy and productive livestock. A framework for this approach was agreed upon and a core writing-team was assigned to develop a GASL Action Network proposal based on the outputs from the meeting.

The proposal, LAMP: Livestock AntiMIcrobial Partnership – creating common ground for common good, will be presented at the MSP in Addis in May.