Dairy Asia Writeshop

Bangkok, Thailand - July 2015

The Global Agenda has been supporting a process to develop “Dairy Asia: for prosperity and health”, a regional cross-country initiative being facilitated by FAO’s Regional Office in Bangkok.  Following exploratory and developmental stakeholder meetings in Bangkok (May 2014) and Anand, India in March 2015, GASL Chair, Neil Fraser, participated in a recent ‘Writeshop’ in Bangkok (July 2015) at which Key Messages for Dairy Asia were produced, and the elements and shape of the Narrative were agreed. A Consensus document was also agreed, an outline of the action plan of value proposition was drafted, the governance structure and working groups were discussed and decided, and communication methods and procedures were discussed. A process update document is available on www.dairyasia.org  and some of the Dairy Asia information will soon be added to GASL Website.