Global Network on Silvopastoral Systems (GNSPS) Workshop

2015 – Colombia - Agribenchmark
Cattle grazing in Pinus taeda stand, Tacuarembo', Uruguay

Misiones, Argentina -  May 2015

During the 5th MSP meeting of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock (in Cali, Colombia in October 2014) one of the proposed actions was to create the Global Network on Silvopastoral Systems (GNSPS). The first steps of the process to establish the network have focused on gathering information about existing initiatives and stakeholders in Latin America as well as other regions, and on capturing lessons learnt from previous silvopastoral networking experiences.

Taking advantage of the VIII International Congress on Agroforestry Systems carried out in Misiones, Argentina, at the beginning of May 2015, the GNSPS conducted a workshop with key stakeholders of silvopastoral systems from Latin America. The main objectives of the workshop were: i) to introduce the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock to the various stakeholders; ii) to exchange information about silvopastoral initiatives throughout the region, including arrangements, institutions involved, incentives and barriers to their adoption, and iii) to obtain inputs to define the main objectives and actions that the global network should undertake.

The workshop was attended by 30 professionals from research institutions, universities, Ministries of Agriculture and Farmers Associations that have worked in silvopastoral systems (SPS) for several decades in seven Latin-American countries. Most of the participants had also been involved in the Latin American Network of Agroforestry created in 1999 to promote the exchange of information on agroforestry systems within the region.

Participants agreed on the importance of strengthening links between stakeholders to scale up the silvopastoral systems in the region and at the global level through an active network that takes advantage of the previous experiences of the Latin American Network on Agroforestry.  The representatives from all countries showed sincere enthusiasm to share their experiences and skills, and provided excellent ideas pertaining to the next steps to be taken by the GNSPS in coordination with the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock.