Livestock Research Group (LRG) of the Global Research Alliance (GRA)

Lodi, Italy - 23-24 June 2015

As an indication of the linkages with one of the bodies related to GASL, Neil Fraser, GASL Chair, attended the annual meeting of the GRA Livestock Research Group, held in Lodi, Italy from 23-24 June 2015. The several Networks within the LRG are engaged in pursuing collaborative actions to use their research programmes to collaboratively seek practical approaches and actions to mitigate GHGs from livestock production.  We look forward to being able to help publicise and implement practice change as viable solutions are developed by the scientists in the LRG.  The Focus Area 2 (Restoring value to grasslands) of GASL is developing functional linkages with the Grasslands Research Network of the LRG, with a view to information sharing and collaborative actions.  Following this meeting the Chair attended part of a meeting to explore a French initiative to implement a significant Soil Carbon Sequestration project, involving the Soil C&N Cycling Cross-cutting Group of the GRA and the LRG.  There appears to be scope for the GASL Focus Area 2 to be involved in this collaborative programme.