Sustainable Livestock: What are the choices?

Global Agenda COAG Side Event, 29 September

The Global Agenda organized a panel discussion with high level representatives from different stakeholder groups to address the different roles of livestock systems in sustainable development. The focus was on the future of smallholders and pastoralists, with examples from Latin America, Oceania, India and Mongolia.

Over fifty participants gathered for this event at FAO Headquarters in Rome which was facilitated by the Global Agenda Chair Fritz Schneider and had Wilfrid Legg as Key Note speaker referring to the CFS High Level Panel of Experts report “Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition: What roles for livestock?”.

The distinguished panelists were Bolivar Toribio, Director of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture, Dominican Republic; Choi-Ish Lkhasuren, Director General at Livestock Department, Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Light Industry, Mongolia;  Jeremy Hill, President, International Dairy Federation; Pablo Frère, Secretario Ejecutivo Redes Chaco, World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples, Argentina; Munkhbolor Gungaa, focal point of WAMIP, World Pastoralist Alliance in Central Asia and Mongolia, Mongolia; and  Sangram Chaudhary, Executive Director National Dairy Development Board, India.

Finally, Berhe Tekola, FAO Director of Animal Production and Health Division summarized the event on behalf of Ren Wang, Assistant Director-General, FAO Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department.


COAG25 Side Event
Sustainable livestock: what are the choices?

Thursday 29 September, 18:00–19:30