Sustainable and enduring livestock production systems and interfaces between animal and human health, agriculture and environment are central to our new partner Anthra

ANTHRA, a member of the Life Network, joined the Global Agenda during our Addis Ababa MSP meeting. It was founded in 1992 by a team of women veterinarians to reach out, connect, and address the problems faced by communities who reared animals, particularly small farmers and peasants, pastoralists, adivasis, dalits, women and others who remained hidden from the gaze of mainstream development.

Over the years, the Anthra team has realized that development has several dimensions and the problems faced are best addressed by collectively working with these communities. Some of the best solutions blend modern science with peoples’ traditional knowledge and practices. Together with these communities Anthra has built a strong base of evidence-based practices which are enduring, sustainable, equitable, and respectful of peoples’ knowledge and wisdom.

Today, Anthra is a resource centre that continues to offer support in the areas of livestock, biodiversity, and livelihood through its multidisciplinary team, working on critical issues related to different systems of livestock rearing and animal care, at the interfaces between animal and human health, agriculture and the environment. Through their work, they seek to create sustainable and enduring livestock production systems which are based in and supportive of diverse livelihoods and landscapes.

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