Swissgenetics, a farmers’ cooperative for sustainable cattle breeding, joins the Global Agenda

Sustainable cattle production and intensification begins with the choice of bovine semen. As a global Swiss cattle breeding initiative, it supports farmers’ efforts to develop efficient breeding stock, whether they are focused on dairy, beef or dual purpose cattle. Swissgenetics is a farmers’ cooperative responsible for the breeding and artificial insemination systems for several Swiss cattle breeds’ and its philosophy is based on using the available resources in a sustainable way. Animal production with roughage-based feed is not only more ecological, but is also better for animal and human health and is also more economical. Their cattle breeds are part of a pasture-based environment which has developed unique, robust and adapted genetics. Swissgenetics’ wide line-up of bovine genetics guarantees the development of a herd adapted to climate conditions and environmental challenges. Farmers choose the ideal breeds for their production system to ensure the most cost-effective solution.

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