Tropical forages are central to smallholder sustainable livestock production in the tropics

We are happy to announce that the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) joined the Global Agenda after the Addis Ababa MSP meeting. CIAT’s Tropical Forages Program has shown that smallholder livestock production in the tropics can be sustainable, profitable and climate-smart. This is based on decades of research by CIAT and its partners to breed and select nutritious, resilient forages, and test them in innovative farming systems.

These systems have been shown to increase production of meat and milk, while reducing the environmental impact of livestock production. They help protect and rehabilitate soil, and reduce the need for agricultural expansion into forests. The work also aims to ensure that men, women, youth and vulnerable populations benefit from the growing global demand for livestock products.

The Program is active in Southeast Asia, East Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, and works closely with local institutions, policy makers and the private sector. This work is central to CIAT’s focus on sustainable food systems, which aims to ensure healthy, affordable food is sustainably produced for consumers in both urban and rural areas.

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