Camel herd at the MSP Meeting 2018 in Mongolia

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Livestock Stakeholders, Partners and Guiding Group Members of GASL

Before we start our Christmas Holidays, I want to thank everybody for the support received for GASL, to look back at 2018 and a look forward to 2019.

The year started with our participation in the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) in Berlin. The invitation to this forum is an indicator that GASL’s recognition as an important multistakeholder partnership is on the rise. This is being confirmed with a second invitation for the GFFA 2019 with a follow up of what important livestock sector actors have achieved in 2018.

In April, GASL together with FAO organised the first regional Multistakeholder Partnership meeting (MSP) in Ukraine with the participation of delegates from 13 countries from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. The exchange was very lively and highly appreciated by all delegates.

The 8th MSP Meeting in Mongolia with the theme “Livestock on the Move” was very successful and allowed the delegated to participate in the development of the Action Plan of GASL 2019-2021. The generous sponsoring of the Mongolian Government and of a number of highly appreciated additional sponsors allowed GASL to complete for the rest of the year on a rather tight budget. Very special thanks to all the sponsors of this meeting.

The Guiding Group in its meeting in October thoroughly discussed the draft of the Action Plan of GASL 2019 -2021 and approved the venues of the MSP 2019 (Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas) and 2020 (Switzerland).

The independent evaluation of GASL has appreciated the results achieved and the governance structure of GASL but also encourages GASL to become more impact oriented and to pay more attention to the role of gender in our work. These elements are integral parts of the new Action Plan.

In 2019 GASL will start with the participation in the GFFA 2019 in Berlin. In the February Guiding Group Meeting the Action Plan of GASL 2019-20121 will have to be endorsed. The preparations for the 9th MSP in Kansas are in full swing.

GASL has various requests for regional MSP (Northern Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe). Provided the necessary resources can be sourced, GASL will respond favourably to these requests.

The fundraising for the next Action Plan period has started well with so far pledges of 58 % of the entire three-year budget. This is possible with the continued support from our initial donors and pledges of new donors, for which we are very grateful. Nevertheless, fundraising remains an important task. There is a need to source additional funds and to revisit the funding mechanism and the fundraising strategy in 2019.

With these thoughts, I once again thank all the stakeholders of GASL for your support and look forward to be interacting and working with you all towards an even more sustainable livestock sector in 2019.


Best wishes

Fritz Schneider