The 2020 GASL Online MSP Meetings left important reflections and tasks for GASL stakeholders

The GASL virtual MSP meetings took place from 31 August to 18 September 2020 and had eight regional components with more than 600 registrations and 400 participations, including more than 50 persons (Guiding Group and Action Network members, GASL partners and others) involved in the organization and conduction of the meetings. The regions successfully organized and engaged regional components and actors from GASL Clusters and Action Networks and other livestock stakeholders. The four Global Sessions from 14 to 18 September recorded 220 registrations and an average of 110 participants in a single session, which made the event the largest GASL event in terms of involvement of GASL members and interested participants.

The GASL virtual MSP meetings showed very prominently that livestock remains a crucial and relevant component in all food systems and that resilience has become an important dimension to be taken and discussed by GASL. The One Health approach has also become of great importance and GASL could decide to address it in close collaboration with organizations such as OIE, FAO, WHO and ILRI in the near future. Multi-stakeholder processes are key and therefore GASL has become even more important. Interesting is the proposal for GASL regional chapters in Africa and Latin America to be discussed and strengthen taking into account that GASL has always advocated for region-specific solutions. For example, regional meetings have taken place already in Ukraine and Brazil, and GASL has supported the Mongolian Agenda for Sustainable Livestock; global MSP meetings have always had regional components too. These and other facts show GASL is well placed to tackle the challenges ahead. 

The Secretariat of the Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock wishes to express its heartfelt thanks to the Chair Fritz Schneider; the participants, organizers, speakers and moderators of the regional and global meetings; the Guiding Group members of the Academia/Research Cluster for summarizing and reporting the findings of the event; the 2020-2022 Chair position finalists Shirley Tarawali and Fabiana Villa Alves; the FAO colleagues that provided valuable support (Meeting Services, Interpretation, Audiovisuals, Keith Sumption, Henning Steinfeld, Tim Robinson, Henk Ormel, Marilena Heinrich, Katinka de Balogh, Carolyn Opio, Tsetsgee SerOd, Claudia Ciarlantini, Cristiana Giovannini, Ginevra Virgili, Christine Ellefson, Pilar Schneider-Cruces, Lavinia Scudiero and Marisol Fernandez).

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the members of the Regional Support Groups that made possible the organization of the regional virtual MSP meetings that offer key inputs for the success of the global event. They are:

Africa 1 (English speaking Africa): Mohammed Abubakar, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Nigeria; Simplice Noula, African Union Commission; Martin Barasa, VSF-Germany; Robin Mbae/ Bernard Kimoro, State Department for Livestock, Kenya; Cynthia Mugo/Shirley Tarawali/Michael Victor, ILRI (FOCAL POINTS)

Africa 2 (French speaking Africa): Alexandre Ickowicz, CIRAD; Simplice Noula, African Union Commission; Fagouri Said, WAMIP North Africa; Anne-Laure Roy, France; Barry Boubakary, Burkina-Faso (FOCAL POINT)

Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Pierre Gerber, World Bank; Ulf Magnusson, SLU; Eran Raizman and Yuriy Nesterov, FAO (FOCAL POINT)

Latin America: Carolyn Opio, FAO; Diana Loor, Ecuador; and Walter Oyhantcabal, Uruguay; Pablo Frere, Redes Chaco, Argentina; Rogerio Mauricio, Universidade Federal de Sao Joao del-Rei (USJR), Brazil (FOCAL POINTS)

Oceania: Rebecca Doyle, University of Melbourne, Australia; Ruaraidh Petre, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef; and Liz Wedderburn, AgResearch New Zealand (FOCAL POINT) 

North America: Amanda Slusher and Donald Moore, Global Dairy Platform (GDP) (FOCAL POINT)

Western Europe: Fritz Schneider, GASL; Nancy Bourgeois, HAFL, Switzerland; Ulf Magnusson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden; and Andrea Rosati, European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) (FOCAL POINT)

South-East Asia: Katinka de Balogh, FAO; Dengpan Bu, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), China; Tsetsgee SerOd, Dairy Asia-FAO; Ilse Koller-Rollefson, League of Pastoralists Peoples (LPP); India; and Nitya Ghotge, ANTRA, India (FOCAL POINT)