The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (ICC) is a new GASL partner

In 2016, ICC launched the circular economy program "@ -forestry 2045" whose goal is the recovery, transformation and enhancement of degraded rural / forest areas, generating an integrated and sustainable socio-economic-productive system. @-Forestry works on recovery of degraded areas with sustainable industrial forestation, integrated forestry-pastoral projects, enhancement of forest residues for energy production, enhancement of local production and development of innovative products with high added value of green chemistry.

In 2018, ICC created a new specific program called "Argentina Antibiotic-Free Beef" (AAFBeef), the aim of which is to eliminate the use of antibiotics in animal nutrition and replace them with natural solutions. Through this program, ICC actively participates in international projects such as "Dialogue for the fight against antimicrobial resistance between Europe and Latin America", supporting the birth of the Argentine chapter of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) and promoting R&D projects in the sustainable feed sector, the use of plant extracts for industrial use, etc. Currently the AAFBeef brings together an integrated group of first-class international institutions and companies from every segment in the meat production chain in Argentina, demonstrating concretely that it’s possible and convenient to do sustainable livestock. ICC collaborates with argentine and international public and private institutions such as INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology), Ministry of Science and Technology of Argentina, EFSA (Parma), SSICA (Parma - Italy), etc., related to sustainable livestock and agriculture production.