Agrilinks announces November as Livestock Month

Agrilinks will dedicate the month of November to talk about Livestock and Food Systems, and they will highlight some of the roles the sector plays in transforming livelihoods. It will be a month of learning and during this period, a rich variety of professionals in the developing countries will talk about their progress and innovation. It is also a chance to discuss how livestock production can mitigate its environmental  impact through approaches that improve production efficiency, reduce disease burden, and improve access to nutritious foods. 

A knowledge sharing context is an important part of this initiative and your testimony could be an asset for the livestock community. If you would like to participate, consider drafting and submitting a blog post that highlights your work to improve livestock systems by November 20th

Please, follow the links below to learn how to register and send your post. You contribution can show how livestock provides food security for an expanding global population and how food systems all over the world have the opportunity to improve resource use efficiency.